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Leadership and Volunteering

Training and Opportunities

Here there are lots of resources for young people to progress through the Hertfordshire Leadership Pathway and the suggested Sports Leaders UK (SLUK) training that is available.

To help you deliver generic leadership training in your school, please use the documents below

Leadership Power Point and Session Plan

Leadership Workbook

Editable Leadership Certificates

Playground Leaders

Young people help organise and deliver playground games to other pupils within their schools at break / lunchtimes.

Bronze Leaders

Leaders are responsible for promoting PE, the School Games, Personal Challenges, Clubs and Competitions.

Silver Leaders

Year 7-9

SLUK Level 1

Leaders are responsible for promoting, supporting and developing PE, the School Games, Clubs and Competitions. Leaders should also support local NHSSP events. 
Year 9 Leaders are able to join the Herts Leadership Academy.

Gold Leaders

Year 10-11

SLUK Level 2

Leaders are responsible for delivering clubs and organising events. 
They should also be part of the school council.
Leaders are able to join the Herts Leadership Academy where they will be able to work towards receiving NGB qualifications.

Platinum Leaders

Age 16+ 

Year 12-13 or FE College

SLUK Level 3

Leaders are responsible for volunteering within their school / college and / or in the wider community. Leaders could also consider an Apprenticeship with Sporting Futures Training ltd.

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